Eastern Kicks Asks: "The Film that Started It All"

crouching tiger
Childhood memories & global success story: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Recently Andrew Heskins of Eastern Kicks asked a number of critics, film bloggers and friends about “the film that started it all” – i.e. their passion for Asian cinema:

It might not have been the first Asian film you saw, or even the best, but was there one that stood out? That light bulb moment when you realised how much you loved Asian movies and had to write/talk/blog/podcast about it?

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Review: 《饮食男女2》 (Yǐnshí nánnǚ2/Joyful Reunion)

joyful reunion 2Year: 2012
Language: Mandarin
Director: Tsao Jui-yuan
Screenplay: Chen Shih-chieh, Hsu Wei-ching, Zhou Yanzi, Hsu Li-Kong
Cinematography: Chin Ting-chang
Cast: Kenneth Tsang, Grace Kuei, Huo Siyan, Blue Lan, Jiang Mengjie.
Runtime: 107 min
Distribution: Tang Moon International
Film’s official website: N/a

Subtitled DVD and Bluray (All Region) are available via Yesasia.com.
Nearly twenty years ago there was Ang Lee’s 《饮食男女》 (Yǐnshí nánnǚ/Eat Drink Man Woman, Taiwan, 1994). It was one of those films that everyone watched (it was both a box office and a critical success) and that also travelled well – even people who don’t generally watch Asian cinema will often have seen it. Continue reading “Review: 《饮食男女2》 (Yǐnshí nánnǚ2/Joyful Reunion)”

Review:《女朋友。男朋友》(Nyeobungu. Nambungu/GF*BF) and Q&A

Gf*Bf 2

Year: 2012
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin, Min Nan
Director: Yang Ya-che
Screenplay: Yang Ya-che
Cinematography: Jake Pollock
Soundscore: Baby C.
Cast: Chang Hsiao-chuan (Joseph), Gwai Lunmei, Rhydian Vaughan
Runtime: 105 min
Distribution: Atom Cinema

Seen at the film’s European Premiere and the Opening Night Gala of the Pan Asia Film Festival. It will also be shown on March 17, 2013 in Glasgow.

Note: This review is a little spoilerish – somehow I ended up detailing quite a bit of what happens.

It is a little strange to watch a film and realise that you were in the middle of some of the history playing out on the screen, but, having been a child, you never noticed any of it all. If someone had asked me before the Nyeobungu. Nambungu screening if Taiwan ever had martial law, I would have shrugged; if someone had inquired whether anything much exciting was going on in the Taipei of the early 1990s, I would have said “not really”, for the most historically significant event I remember from one summer in 1989 (when I lived there for three months) and from a year and half between 1990 and 1991 (when I lived there again) is the breakout of the Gulf War because it meant that the guards at my USAmerican school started checking everyone’s IDs in fear of a potential retributory attack. Continue reading “Review:《女朋友。男朋友》(Nyeobungu. Nambungu/GF*BF) and Q&A”