Review: 달팽이의 별 (Dalpaengieui Byeol/Planet of Snail) and Q&A

Year: 2011
South Korea/Finland/Japan
Language: Korean
Director: Yi Seungjun (이승준)
Genre: Documentary
Soundscore: Min Seong-ki
Sound Post Production: Äänipää
Sound designer/editor:
Sami Kiiski (S.Y.T.M.Ä) 
Cast: Young-chan (as himself), Soon-ho (as herself)
Runtime: 87 min.
Trailer: on YouTube
Film’s official website: Planet of Snail websitePlanet of Snail page of UK distributor Dogwoof.
Seen at a special screening at the ICA that included a Q&A with Yi Seungjun. There are two more screenings scheduled this week (June 27 and 28).

We call ourselves ‘snails’ because we cannot hear or see and our lives are as slow as the snails. Now I live on earth where time runs so fast which makes [it] hard to follow the life of the earthmen.

The words of Young-chan, a young, deaf-blind man whose every day life is at the heart of Yi Seungjun’s award-winning documentary 달팽이의 별 (Dalpaengieui Byeol/Planet of Snail), echo poetically as he describes himself, his wife Soon-ho and their also disabled friends but don’t feel quite true. Continue reading “Review: 달팽이의 별 (Dalpaengieui Byeol/Planet of Snail) and Q&A”

Review: 시간의 춤 (Siganeui Choom/Dance of Time)

Los coreanos latinos – far, far from the motherland.

Year: 2009
 South Korea
Language: Korean and Spanish
Director: Song Il-gon
Narration: Lee Ha-na, Jang Hyeon-Seong
Runtime: 90 min
Trailer: on YouTube
Seen at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCCUK) during the Song Il-gon (송일곤) month of KCCUK’s Korean Film Night programme “2012: Year of the 12 Directors”.
It is seemingly the most random topic for a documentary: the lives of the first Koreans that emigrated to Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century. Who would have thought? And it is the most random topic, one that the director, Song Il-gon, stumbled upon in his fascination with Che Guevara and with a curiousity to see how things looked 50 years on from the Cuban revolution, discovering in the midst of his readings that some hundred years ago several thousand Joseon natives embarked on a journey – unbeknownst to them at that point – of no return to the other side of the world. Continue reading “Review: 시간의 춤 (Siganeui Choom/Dance of Time)”

Review: ミツバチの羽音と地球の回転 (Mitsu-bachi no Haoto to Chikyū no Kaiten/Ashes to Honey)

Year: 2010
Languages: Japanese, English, Swedish
Director: Kamanaka Hitomi
Genre: Documentary 
Runtime: 115 min
Trailer: Ashes to Honey (subtitled)
Official website:  Ashes to Honey (both in Japanese and English)

Seen at a screening as part of the Zipangu Fest at the ICA.
Note: Ashes to Honey screened as part of Zipangu Fest’s Nuclear Reactions programme. Continue reading “Review: ミツバチの羽音と地球の回転 (Mitsu-bachi no Haoto to Chikyū no Kaiten/Ashes to Honey)”