Review: 「夢みるように眠りたい」 (Yume Miruyoni Nemuritai/To Sleep So As to Dream)

Year: 1986
Language: Japanese
Director: Hayashi Kaizo
Screenplay: Hayashi Kaizo
Cinematography: Nagata Yuichi
Cast: Sano Shiro, Kamura Moe, Fukamizu Fujiko, Otake Koji
Runtime: 80 min
Trailer: on YouTube

Seen at the third Zipangu Fest at the Cinema Museum in London.

Long before Hazanavicius’s L’artiste (The Artist, France, 2011) came Hayashi Kaizo’s 「夢みるように眠りたい」 (Yume Miruyoni Nemuritai/To Sleep So As to Dream), which was made in 1986 as a homage to the era of silent film in Japanese cinema. Although some VHS copies of Yume Miruyoni Nemuritai were apparently floating around for a while, it is nowadays one of those creations that has been forgotten – a real loss, because between the two, Yume Miruyoni Nemuritai is, in my (very biased) opinion, the better film – featuring a story that’s more original and a style that takes more risks. Continue reading “Review: 「夢みるように眠りたい」 (Yume Miruyoni Nemuritai/To Sleep So As to Dream)”