(A Sort of) Review: 「アキラ」 (Akira/Akira)

7 thoughts on “(A Sort of) Review: 「アキラ」 (Akira/Akira)”

  1. This is better than a review. It’s so informative, detailed and clear and concise. I’ve seen the film a number of times and read plenty of articles about it but you still managed to bring out readings I had never considered. Awesome job!
    I would put this film’s aesthetic up there with Blade Runner in terms of its influence. It’s just that good. The scene with the plushies terrorising Tetsuo is really chilling and the ending for Tetsuo was bitter (oh, and his poor girlfriend) but meeting Akira was strangely beautiful.

    1. ありがとう!Now I want to know of course where I managed to enlighten you…
      I’m just tapping the surface here… there are plenty more things that would be worth writing about, but I couldn’t fit them all in.
      Tetsuo’s ending is bitter… I was holding out hope for a while, but they made pretty clear that even if he would ever be rescued what the experiments were doing to him were irreversible – and I think Tetsuo’s absolute terror of that was conveyed superbly AND I think it made a pretty damning statement about humans playing around like that.
      (I haven’t seen Blade Runner of course. Though I would consider it, if I ever found the time.)

  2. You enlightened me a lot by picking up on things I tend to ignore. The institutionalisation of children is a major one. I’ve never really considered that aspect even though I like the scene where Kaneda and his gang are brought in front of the head master and gym teacher who bats the kids around their heads but I soon forget about it. Another element is the scientist since he tends to merge in with the government for me.
    I also appreciated your comments on the use of cels. Few reviews ever go into that.
    When I next watch the film I’ll be more alert thanks to you. I suppose I should read the manga as well 😉

    1. The institutionalisation of children more jumped at me with the flashbacks to the orphanage… since they all had connections to that. True though, there are other moments that bring up that issue as well.
      Well, the cel thing… it was just that other reviews kept bringing up the incredible number of cels used for Akira and I had no clue what they were talking about! I think it’s incredibly interesting – I really wish I knew more about filmmaking, animated and otherwise.
      I haven’t read the manga either. With 2000 pages it’s a grand thing to tackle, but I will go for it … one day when I’ve got nothing else to do. Like after submitting my PhD to fill the void that is bound to follow that moment (still a couple of years off).

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful and comprehensive review! 🙂
    Although I think I’ve come across Akira before, when I searched for other J-anime, I have not yet seen or read it. But with this awesome review, I’m hoping the local library here carries it so I can watch or read it soon.
    After reading your review of Akira’s art and animation, I can hardly wait to see and appreciate it more. The link to “automanga” reminded me of 1 Computer Graphics course I took. How I wish my professor taught and explained vector graphics using Japanese animation as an example. I would have appreciated and understood it more! 🙂
    Akira‘s government or some institution manipulating, controlling, and experimenting on the lives of its people reminds me the new fan favorite “Hunger Games”. Perhaps a sign of Akira‘s continuing influence.
    Thanks again for this review. Have a good weekend! 🙂

    1. It’s worth seeing on the big screen (as is Ghost in the Shell), if you get the chance.
      Where are you based? In the UK, it pops up in cinemas every now and then. There have been celebratory screenings this month for its 25th anniversary – it’s well possible that they are not limited to the UK but taking place in other parts of the world too.
      If you can’t catch it on the big screen, it should not be difficult to get hold of, it’s such a classic that any libraries with DVDs or film rental stories are very likely to carry it.
      Have a good weekend too!

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