Back from Kashmir: A Bit of Travelogue with Photographs

11 thoughts on “Back from Kashmir: A Bit of Travelogue with Photographs”

  1. I read your blog and I really liked it. I have to say it is very well written. I too have a blog on fun food and travel, and I would love be a guest blogger for you. So, contact me ashwin@cheapoair .com if you are interested.

    1. Hi Ashwin! Thanks for liking my blog. I generally don’t feature guest bloggers, although thank you for the offer – and good luck with your blog!

  2. These pictures are great at showing the landscape. Being there must have been incredible. I saw/read this in Michael Palin’s Himalaya programme/book and it looked like a great place to visit.
    That Aru villagers pic with the old man and the young woman made me think of Hitchcock’s 39 Steps.

    1. I have only read through parts of Michael Palin’s book (which my parents bought after that trip in 2008), it is gorgeous – the whole region – but most foreigners fly straight into Leh (Ladakh), which is a bit overrun by tourists (interestingly mostly Europeans, hardly any North Americans). I think, if I were to go back there I’d go on a proper trek (did not have time last time round) or go there in the winter (when there are no tourists as the roads and airport close for a few months). Some local innkeepers told us that that is how they preserve Ladakhi culture: swamped by tourists in the summer, but completely cut off from the world in the winter, living the traditional way.
      I’m not familiar with 39 Steps, I did look it up but I’m not sure what the connection is you are seeing?

          1. Well that plot summary is wrong 😛 I have read the book and watched the film! There was a foxy… I mean beautiful and young Scottish girl and a grumpy old farmer who threatens to blow the cover of the hero.

  3. Wow, what a adventure. The houseboat sounds wonderful. I traveled years ago via the Navy. Your description of the saffron seller brings back memories of visits to markets .
    One of my older brothers is a geological engineer and has worked on tunnels, mines, bridges and so forth.
    Hope to see more pics too.

    1. Hiya John, glad you made it over here from Dramabeans 🙂
      Where did you travel with the Navy? Your brother would probably enjoy the tunnel pictures I took (I try to take aesthetic ones only though) – being India anyone can walk around on the construction site (they do draw the line at going into the tunnel though at least). Apparently it will be the longest tunnel in India and one of the longest in Asia (at 11 km/6.83 mi).
      I will post more pictures eventually, probably another small post on the blog and otherwise links to flickr or something. I’ll let you know.

  4. I went to Italy*, France*, Spain*,Egypt*,Tunisia, Israel, Turkey*, Greece, UAE, Monaco and Canada. * = At least two different cities
    This was spanning the 80’s – mid 90’s, in someways it seems like a lifetime ago.

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