Photologia: Bangkok, around and about

7 thoughts on “Photologia: Bangkok, around and about”

  1. As someone who becomes a little uncomfortable having their photo taken by random people (or in general) I think it might be a bit of a British thing.
    Love the bamboo scaffolding around the tree! Makes more sense than a step ladder!

    1. It’s definitely a British thing – maybe because London has the most CCTV cameras in the world, so people are feeling super-watched?
      But just consider that probably most of us mean well…… I do, in any case. I wouldn’t post anything embarrassing or inappropriate and if someone asked, I would always delete it or take it down.
      Yeah, love the bamboo scaffolding. They had a sophisticated rope-knot system to tied the bamboo sticks together too, I was impressed.
      Saw bamboo scaffolding in Nepal two years ago as well.

      1. I don’t know if the CCTV is why…..I don’t really know why I don’t like my photo taken.
        I doubt you would get anyone asking you to delete pictures anyway as that’s another British trait! Can’t talk to strangers!
        I try to buck as many British-isms as I can but it comes so naturally to me 🙂

        1. I had a lady ranting at me in the Brixton Village place because I was taking a picture of her granddaughter (who didn’t care)…
          I’m just struck by the completely different reactions people have, here and compared to my experiences in Thailand/India/etc. The two Japanese girls in Brick Lane today were a little embarrassed but kind of totally happy about me photographing them (as were other Asians I photographed there today). Though Brick Lane is a bit of an exception, since it’s full of tourists who are bound to be snapping away….

          1. I would say for the most part nobody would say anything…..not saying that people aren’t seething inside though.
            Can’t explain why Brits react this way, maybe you’ve hit that nail on the head with touristy areas!

    1. I know!
      Actually, you can do it in London too, but it’s more expensive and there’s only the Thames that has public river transport. In Bangkok, there’s the main river, plus khlongs (a small network of fairly large canals). London has miles of canals too (not that non-Londoners would know about this!), but they are used more for houseboats rather than commuting (at least not by water).

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