LKFF Mini-Review: 킬러앞에 노인 (Killeoapenoin/The Killer behind the Old Man) & Jung Woo-sung Photos

killer behind the old man

Year: 2014
Hong Kong
Language: Korean
Director: Jung Woo-sung (정우성)
commissioned by Hong Kong International Film Festival (omnibus)
Screenplay: Yoon Jung Lee
Cinematography: N/a
Soundscore: Mowg
Cast: Andy Choi, Woo Sang-jeon, Yoo In-yeong
Runtime: N/a
Distribution: HKIFF
Film’s official website: N/a

Trailer: Not available

Seen at the 9th London Korean Film Festival. Special thanks go to the LKFF organisers for providing me with a press ticket.

Screening together with the feature 감시자들 (Gamshijadeul/Cold Eyes, 2013) at the 9th London Korean Film Festival,  킬러앞에 노인 (Killeoapenoin/The Killer Behind, the Old Man) is the directorial debut of Jung Woo-sung. A short originally part of the omnibus Three Charmed Lives – three works directed by individuals better known for their work in front rather than behind the camera – it comes commissioned by Fushan Features and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Continue reading “LKFF Mini-Review: 킬러앞에 노인 (Killeoapenoin/The Killer behind the Old Man) & Jung Woo-sung Photos”

Mini-Review: 《不能爱》 (Bùnéng ài/Love Me Not)

Year: 2012
Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Director: Gilitte Leung
Cast: Lee Afa, Cheng Kenneth, Yip Rebecca, Wu Siu, Hitomi Thompson
Runtime: 92 min

Seen at the film’s UK premiere at the 2013 Terracotta Film Festival.
Independent productions are not something you come by every day in the world of Hong Kong cinema of blockbuster action and crime thriller film fame, so every time a new indie does roll around, it seems like something better not missed. Continue reading “Mini-Review: 《不能爱》 (Bùnéng ài/Love Me Not)”

Review: 2012 Hong Kong Fresh Wave Shorts

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 4.47.14 PM

Seen at the ICA as part of the Pan-Asia Film Festival. A special Thank you! goes to the Coventry University East Asia Film Society (CUEAFS) for two free tickets.

Although I watch quite a lot of films, there are generally few shorts among them. I like to be entertained for an hour or two because it’s a length that allows a decent amount of development in a story and characters. When there is a film festival, it is for this reason that when I have to choose between seeing a feature film or multiple 5-, 10-, 20-minute clips, I’ll habitually always go for the former and leave the latter as an afterthought – as also happened when the Pan-Asia Film Festival rolled around. Then CUEAFS had a ticket competition for the HK Fresh Wave Shorts screening on Twitter and somehow I got lucky (and I didn’t even mean to… only retweeted to spread the news about the competition).

Continue reading “Review: 2012 Hong Kong Fresh Wave Shorts”

Review: 무적자 (Moojeokja/A Better Tomorrow)

better tomorrow 3

Year: 2010
South Korea/Japan/China
Language: Korean
Director: Song Hae-seong
Remake of:
 John Woo’s 英雄本色 (Yīngxióng běnsè/A Better Tomorrow, Hong Kong, 1986)
Screenplay: Kim Hyo-Seok, Choi Keun-Mo, Lee Taek-Kyung, Kim Hae-Gon
Cinematography: Kang Seung-Ki
Soundscore: Lee Jae-jin
Cast: Joo Jin-Mo, Song Seung-Heon, Kim Kang-Woo, Jo Han-Seon
Runtime: 124 min


Seen at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCCUK) during the Song Hae-seong (송해성) month of KCCUK’s Korean Film Night programme “2012: Year of the 12 Directors”.

There is one particular problem with Moojeokja, a remake of John Woo’s 英雄本色  (Yīngxióng běnsè/A Better Tomorrow, Hong Kong, 1986): it is an action film made by a director that is in reality only interested in sentimental melodramas. Continue reading “Review: 무적자 (Moojeokja/A Better Tomorrow)”