Review: 초감 각커플 (Chogam Kakkeopeul/The ESP Couple)

Year: 2008
Director: Kim Hyeong-Ju (김형주)
Screenplay:  Kim Hyeong-Ju (김형주)
Cast: Jin Goo (진구), Park Bo-Young (박보영).
Trailer: The ESP Couple (no subtitles)
Su-min (Jin Goo) is a college student with the ability to read – even manipulate – other people’s minds. It is not a talent that he particularly enjoys as the opening scene with its slightly eerie tone reveals. Continue reading “Review: 초감 각커플 (Chogam Kakkeopeul/The ESP Couple)”

Review: 피아니스트 (Pianiseuteu/Pianist)

Year: 2010
Director: Moon Joon Ha (문준하)
Screenplay: Park Eun Young (박은영)
Cast: Han Ji-hye (한지혜), Choi Minho (최민호).
Trailer: (not subtitled)
Oh Je Ro (Choi Minho, of the K-pop group SHINee) is young man who may seem average but is anything but. His life is ordinary, or perhaps even less than ordinary: he is from a poor family and has never finished education beyond middle school. He works as a piano tuner and spends his time hidden away in his family’s warehouse or fixing pianos while his clients are out, barely acknowledged by anyone. What people do not realise is that behind the quiet, gentle demeanour, behind the humbleness, there is an individual who has more love and talent for music – and life really – than many celebrated pianists on the world stage. Continue reading “Review: 피아니스트 (Pianiseuteu/Pianist)”