LKFF Mini-Review: 킬러앞에 노인 (Killeoapenoin/The Killer behind the Old Man) & Jung Woo-sung Photos

killer behind the old man

Year: 2014
Hong Kong
Language: Korean
Director: Jung Woo-sung (정우성)
commissioned by Hong Kong International Film Festival (omnibus)
Screenplay: Yoon Jung Lee
Cinematography: N/a
Soundscore: Mowg
Cast: Andy Choi, Woo Sang-jeon, Yoo In-yeong
Runtime: N/a
Distribution: HKIFF
Film’s official website: N/a

Trailer: Not available

Seen at the 9th London Korean Film Festival. Special thanks go to the LKFF organisers for providing me with a press ticket.

Screening together with the feature 감시자들 (Gamshijadeul/Cold Eyes, 2013) at the 9th London Korean Film Festival,  킬러앞에 노인 (Killeoapenoin/The Killer Behind, the Old Man) is the directorial debut of Jung Woo-sung. A short originally part of the omnibus Three Charmed Lives – three works directed by individuals better known for their work in front rather than behind the camera – it comes commissioned by Fushan Features and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Continue reading “LKFF Mini-Review: 킬러앞에 노인 (Killeoapenoin/The Killer behind the Old Man) & Jung Woo-sung Photos”

Review: 2012 Hong Kong Fresh Wave Shorts

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 4.47.14 PM

Seen at the ICA as part of the Pan-Asia Film Festival. A special Thank you! goes to the Coventry University East Asia Film Society (CUEAFS) for two free tickets.

Although I watch quite a lot of films, there are generally few shorts among them. I like to be entertained for an hour or two because it’s a length that allows a decent amount of development in a story and characters. When there is a film festival, it is for this reason that when I have to choose between seeing a feature film or multiple 5-, 10-, 20-minute clips, I’ll habitually always go for the former and leave the latter as an afterthought – as also happened when the Pan-Asia Film Festival rolled around. Then CUEAFS had a ticket competition for the HK Fresh Wave Shorts screening on Twitter and somehow I got lucky (and I didn’t even mean to… only retweeted to spread the news about the competition).

Continue reading “Review: 2012 Hong Kong Fresh Wave Shorts”