Fotologia: Berlin for Sewol, Mauer and More


I have been spending some weeks in Austria, mostly seeking peace and quiet to write (my family is currently residing overseas so I had a flat all to myself). But being on the continent meant missing out on the monthly Sewol protest that I have been attending & photographing for a while now in London (see here, here and here). With no similar event anywhere in Austria, I took that as an excuse to finally make my first visit to Berlin ever and even managed to convince a friend to come along all the way from Spain.

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Where Marnie Was

marnie windmill
The story of When Marnie Was There is set in a little town by the name of Little Overton, a fictional town inspired by a real place – Burnham Overy Staithe on the Norfolk coast. Although Studio Ghibli announced that this setting was going to be changed to a village in Hokkaido in their adaptation, some friends and I still wanted to seek out Marnie’s original home base – just because we are dedicated enough Ghibli fans and because it is more fun to explore the UK by traveling to random places instead of completing the usual checklist of famous sights for foreigners. Continue reading “Where Marnie Was”

Photologia: Bangkok, around and about

*Sorry for the lack of posting at the moment… I just seem to be going between my three part-time jobs, studying a wee bit (not enough at all) and sleeping a couple of hours (not enough either). Plus trying to fix some issues with the computer (hard disk, wahhh!), which is time consuming. (ㅠ_ㅠ) But this post has been lingering around in nearly-finished-form for quite a while, so I might as well just publish it.* 
Bangkok, like quite a few Asian cities, is big and busy, day and night. It’s not always fun to get around Bangkok, because traffic jams (see above) can really grate on your nerves.
I didn’t get much time in busy-Bangkok – not even two full days. I would have liked more than that (I had no chance to go to Chatuchak, the weekend market, or Asoke’s Chamlong, a Buddhist-vegetarian restaurant that I like) but I guess there’s always the next visit? I did however get to go on the subway (the Bangkok M.R.T., in the picture below), which I was kind of excited about.
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Photologia: Around Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Note: All photographs copyright by alualuna. Please do not use without permission. Also: large resolution, page may take a while to load.

Not the best of photographs – terribly overexposed. But this kid ran into my picture (which was meant to be of the barbershop in the background) and it ended up like this. I edited what I could (darkening mostly and cropping a bit), but this was the best I could manage. And though it breaks all kinds of textbook rules, I still feel there is something that works here. Maybe it’s just the charm of this kid, his big smile and cheekiness of jumping in front of my lens. Continue reading “Photologia: Around Vasant Vihar, New Delhi”