Review: 달팽이의 별 (Dalpaengieui Byeol/Planet of Snail) and Q&A

4 thoughts on “Review: 달팽이의 별 (Dalpaengieui Byeol/Planet of Snail) and Q&A”

  1. From the trailer alone I think the power of this film is that Young-chan and Soon-ho embrace every aspect of their life consciously (how many of us do that?) and from the look of your review it seems the film conveys this and how they process their experiences. In other words it’s inspirational and shows us the best of human nature.

    1. That was the main feeling I was left with – not so much that they were restricted in their experience of the world but they have a different one, one that we miss out on either because we don’t pay attention or because we haven’t developed certain skills. Even their way of communicating through a touch-version of braille (‘finger braille’ as the director explained) seemed like that – a secret language we could actually learn! (Though it looks so difficult to me!)

        1. I think there is an option for a trial subscription… I don’t know if it would be worth it. If worst come to worst, you could always wait for the DVD release since that is soonish in any case.

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