Review: 꽃섬 (Ggotseom/Flower Island)

4 thoughts on “Review: 꽃섬 (Ggotseom/Flower Island)”

  1. Great review
    I agree with you about some of the discontinuities in plot – particularly the healer (where on earth did he come from?). But somehow it didn’t really bother me. Right from the start the film seemed to announce itself as something that was going to make you work hard (and as something that was going to defy a rigorous analysis). And if the opening sections (up to where we started getting a more ordered narrative with the abortive bus journey) hadn’t been so beautifully done I would have been tempted to walk out. But the music and the otherworldly quality of the conception had me hooked. The mysterious healer, the crazy bus driver and the enigmatic friend of Hye-na’s mother just seemed to fit in with the David Lynch-style weirdness of the whole atmosphere of the film. I loved it.

    1. I don’t even think the film makes you work that hard, it’s just that it doesn’t give you the (factual) details you’d expect – because if you list what you know about each character in the end, it’s surprisingly little. And yet I feel I have a good understanding of who they are, personality-wise.
      I have to confess I missed a minute or two of the opening (was late!) but what I did see gave me the impression that the opening sequences emphasised how each woman is very much on her own, something that then changes over the course of the film as they come together and find strength in and through each other – an effective (and powerful & beautiful) way of introducing the characters in my opinion.
      Wasn’t sure how to identify you by the way – there was more than one person wearing a business suit? Okay, I didn’t try too hard because that film made me kinda a sad and reflective, which isn’t the best for being social.

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