Review:「生きてるものはいないのか」(Ikiteru Mono Wa Inai No Ka/Isn’t Anyone Alive?)

14 thoughts on “Review:「生きてるものはいないのか」(Ikiteru Mono Wa Inai No Ka/Isn’t Anyone Alive?)”

    1. I will look forward to your verdict (I’m sort of feeling tempted to mark it down to 7).

      So what inspired the music? So 80’s! You really surprise me sometimes. 😀

  1. My plan was to watch this a Genesis but I can’t now because of work……I’ll wait for the dvd.

    Had no luck seeing this at the cinema.

    I’ll read your review after I watch it.

    1. I don’t think this a film you absolutely have to watch on the big screen – it’s really dialogue focused after all. You’ll get just as much out of it on DVD (whether you end up in the ‘love’ or ‘hate’ camp).

      1. I don’t mind missing this at the cinema as I know I’ll get to see it, the ones that really suck are the ones for whatever reason I couldn’t attend and there still isn’t a release of any kind.

      1. Waiting for Godot confronts the audience with the stark horrors of life as endured by two old men while Isn’t Anyone Alive? is full of beautiful actresses and, as you point out, quirky Japanese humour. Put more simply, I want to watch beautiful actresses.

        Stop trying to scare me. Now I know how you felt every time I mentioned a J-horror…

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