K-Directors: Song Il-gon (송일곤) Month at the KCCUK in April

8 thoughts on “K-Directors: Song Il-gon (송일곤) Month at the KCCUK in April”

  1. I’ve just discovered this blog and it’s a great resource for Asian films, especially as to whats happening in London, keep up the good work! Thanks for this post, the director sounds like an interesting one – he turned down Wong Kar-wai?! – I wish they were playing his film Magicians though which I’ve wanted to see ever since reading about its story set in a bar over one night, shot in one wonderous take. Still, the films they are showing all sound interesting so look forward to checking some of them out.

    1. Thank you – I hope you find plenty of useful things on Otherwhere.
      I see from your email you are connected to SOAS – I happened to check the library catalogue today and although there are no books on Song Il-gon (which is what I was hoping to find), they have “The Magicians” available for short/overnight loan: The Magicians DVD. It’s actually the only Song film in the SOAS library, so you are lucky!

  2. Thanks for the info, it will compliment the KCCUK screenings nicely! SOAS’s DVD collection is quite meagre really considering the library’s size, but it does have quite a good Korean film section, compared to the Japanese/Chinese films available. I’m currently studying Chinese here, are you also a SOAS student?

    1. I am from down the road (UCL), but I think SOAS has a much nicer library and postgraduate room so I often prefer to study there. 🙂
      UCL is totally appalling with anything non-European, I think there is 1 (yes, 1!) Korean DVD! A few more Japanese ones, but generally there are relatively few DVDs anyhow.

  3. Wow, just 1 Korean DVD, I thought Korean films had become a bit more popular than that! SOAS library isn’t bad, if you can find a study space! Have you seen Castaway on the Moon btw? That was one of my favourite Korean movies I’ve seen recently. Also, there’s one more event you could add to the movie calender for Asian movie happenings in London: http://taiwancinefest.com/

    1. UCL can be… very Eurocentric. I think the excuse is that SOAS is just a few hundred metres away, so it’s very easy to send students down the road…
      I haven’t seen Castaway of the Moon, but you are not the first one to recommend it to me! It’s definitely on my (very long) to-watch list.
      Thanks for reminding me about the Taiwan Cinefest – forgot it was coming up soon. I’ve added it to the calendar now 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll screen Honey Pupu and perhaps Starry Starry Night (which I have seen, should review soonish, but wouldn’t mind watching again).

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