Review: 管制塔 (Kanseitou/Control Tower)

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  1. Great review! I actually watched this movie yesterday without subtitles. It was a little bit hard to understand sometimes, but I’m studying Japanese so I was able to understand a considerate amount of the lines. I was like you very impressed by the beautiful scenery, story and feel of the movie. But I hope I can watch it again with subtitles soon!
    It was a great little movie pearl 🙂

    1. I’m glad you got to watch it – hopefully a subtitled version will be available soon too. I’m impressed you were able to follow along, my Japanese isn’t at that level yet (I’ll pick up words or some phrases, and occasionally catch discrepancies between what is said and what’s in the subtitles, e.g. at the beginning of the film when the little brother says “oneechan” a number of times, they just used Takeru’s name in the subtitles).
      You might appreciate this: I went to see another Japanese film today (奇跡 /Kiseki/I Wish) and there was a scene in which kids in school are talking to a classmate of theirs who is just starting out as an actress. Someone asks her if she has met “Nino”, and, if she does, to get his autograph. Someone else says she prefers “Ohno”. This was a 10 second snippet in a two hour film – so I was really proud of myself for catching that and understanding what (who) they were talking about! I think only the Japanese members in the audience picked that up otherwise.

  2. i already watched this movie and “solanin” – another production from the same director, and i kinda guessed correctly on the plot, except the ending.. i’m aware that japanese/korean movies offer more realistic endings compared to happy hollywood endings, but i can’t still accept the ending of this movie LOL.. i think both of them need a closure or something as it’s quite painful to see how it ends. the promise is there and it’s an open ending but i wished the director gives additional 15 minutes to conclude it.. nevertheless it’s a great movie and highly recommended if you like movies such as solanin, beck, suckseed.
    the ending reminds me of “a werewolf boy” (korean movie), it ended with a promise waiting to be fulfilled.

    1. Sorry for the super-slow response on my part!
      I didn’t mind the ending here too much. I feel like it left all the possibilities open, and my interpretation was that they’d definitely meet again in the future. The only thing that I would criticise is the no-contact things… nowadays in times of email and mobile phones… who runs off without exchanging details?
      But the same happened in the Taiwanese movie Starry Starry Night as well.
      I’ve seen Werewolf Boy, need to review it! Liked that one a lot as well.

      1. Haha yeah about the no-contact thing, i feel the same with movie (animated) titled 5 cm per second by makoto shinkai, it’s more “facepalm-ing”.. Do you have other movie recommendations based on this movie, if you dont mind to share? I just know that the pair in this movie plays also in movie titled “another”, but i havent watched it yet..
        No worries about the late reply, keep posting, i found many other great movies in your site ^o^

      2. Well, what are your favourite movies/genres? (Easier to recommend if you give me some indication of what you like.)
        Generally, I would recommend anything that Hashimoto Ai (the female lead in Kanseito) is in, I’m convinced she’s going to be big.
        You could also browse the Trailer Weekly posts for suggestions, though most of those I have not watched yet.

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