Review: 「キツツキと雨」 (Kitsutsuki to Ame/The Woodsman and the Rain)

6 thoughts on “Review: 「キツツキと雨」 (Kitsutsuki to Ame/The Woodsman and the Rain)”

  1. Great review! I’m glad you enjoyed the film. I’m a major fan of Koji Yakusho (I love every one of his performances in Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s films) so when I saw the trailer for this earlier this year I was hyped. As far as I can tell nobody has picked this up for UK release which is a shame! Shun Oguri is really making a name for himself as well.

    1. Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot. I watched 아리랑 (Arirang) immediately before (which I’m kind of on the fence about & won’t review until I’ve seen This Is Not a Film because I think I need some perspective…). Kitsutsuki really lifted me up after that.
      But, hmm, that’s a good question you ask about a release date. I wonder! I haven’t heard anything either and since we’ve neither got a well-known director (you know, like Sono Sion or Kim Ki-duk who have at least some claim-to-international-fame) nor any actors that would have any box office draw outside of Japan, I have my doubts about a cinematic release. Maybe some more festival screenings. It might be a matter of waiting for the DVD, sadly.

    1. I know it’s getting a UK DVD release early next year. If you can’t get it in France, I’ll send it to you! Or, you could come for the one-off October screening that it’ll be having in London soon. 🙂

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