Mini-Review: 《不能爱》 (Bùnéng ài/Love Me Not)

2 thoughts on “Mini-Review: 《不能爱》 (Bùnéng ài/Love Me Not)”

  1. The trailer is attractive but the script sounds very confusing. If only the actors could have stayed, then you would have got a focussed film with a better exploration of the various themes.

    1. It’s one of those films where a better scriptwriter could have made a world of a difference.
      I think even without the split, there would have been plenty of issues. It shouldn’t take one 15-20 minutes to figure out what’s going on. The pacing was just off – not to say that the experimental scene snippets shouldn’t have been used, but they just weren’t used in the right way (which was further confirmed by When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep that I watched right after Love Me Not – it also had scene snippets, but used them much more effectively.)

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