Review: 「ももへの手紙」 (Momo e no Tegami/A Letter to Momo)

8 thoughts on “Review: 「ももへの手紙」 (Momo e no Tegami/A Letter to Momo)”

  1. More proof that the film is a must-see and Production I.G. are still at the top of their game. The few reviews I have been tempted to read have praised the observational aspect of the film and the skillful construction of the cast, particularly Momo. I wish I got to see this film in a cinema like you did.
    Okiura’s debut, Jin-Roh, is another film given over to contemplation but it is violent. Beautiful as well. Interesting to see him tackle a completely different story.

    1. You should move to London methinks! Or Japan alternatively. 🙂
      I think I’m actually game for Jin-Roh – I’m intrigued that Okiura made such a radical switch from a more violent film to an emotion-based drama/drama comedy. Plus, if a director convinces me with one of his works, I am certainly more willing to try his others, even if they don’t fit within my normal preferences. (That said, I don’t think I will ever watch Kim Ki-duk’s Isle. As much as I worship 3-Iron what I’ve heard about the Isle just makes me shudder…)

      1. If you’re interested I could lend you my copy of Jin-Roh. I’ve watched twice and it’s in pristine condition. After your generous offer of lending Duelist to me the least I could do is return the offer…
        And no, The Isle with all of its mutilation and animal killing sounds a bit much for me. Definitely not a purchase title 😛 That said, my library has a copy so I might… out of sheer curiosity cave in and rent it.

        1. Oooooh thanks. I will come back to you on that offer – not immediately because I probably have at least 10 unwatched DVDs which I have been ignoring because I put film festival screenings first. Maybe I’ll get to some in August, as I’ll be away from London and away from film festivals!
          I don’t think I’ll ever be tempted by The Isle. *shudders*

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