Review: 너는 펫 (Neoneun Pet/You’re My Pet)

13 thoughts on “Review: 너는 펫 (Neoneun Pet/You’re My Pet)”

    1. I watched it for academic purposes (seriously), so I forced myself to watch it all the way through. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what rating to give it…
      But it made me miss Matsujun-Momo and Sumire so much! I had to watch some Kimi wa Petto afterwards to feel better…

      1. I’ve watched the dorama so many times and read the manga twice. The script was terrible. Anyway, I LIKED your review.
        Oh yes, I put you in a recent post, so hopefully you’ll get some siteviews off of that.

        1. Honestly, I think the people who made this film had no feeling at all for storytelling, characterisation, or anything! Like they needed someone to tell them, ‘no, you can’t invert this and have the pet suggest he’ll become a pet because you are giving him control, rather than letting the owner have control from the start’.
          I mean, adaptations should change things rather than be exact carbon-copies, but the changes have to make sense – and here they totally don’t! All the clever subtlety is gone, plus the refreshing raciness and wicked humour…
          Thanks for the mention – I’ll have to go over to your blog now (did stop by this morning, but I’m actually super busy these days so I didn’t end up reading anything).
          The most site views I get through Jaejoong (the Heaven’s Postman Review)… so I’m betting that this review will get me plenty of site views as well (including possibly some upset JGS fans!). We’ll see… 😉

  1. Your review was spot-on. Kimi wa petto is one of my favorite and first Japanese dramas, and I really enjoyed it because of its mix of quirkiness (the pet/master dynamic) but also its realism (unlike many Asian dramas, the characters actually do more than kiss! And their first kiss is relatively early on). I was excited to hear they were doing a Korean film version of this story, and I thought JGS might be a good Korean Matsujun equivalent.
    However, I had to quit the movie in the first 15 minutes. Exactly as you describe, their meeting was uninspired (visiting his friend and then some strange money deal?), the box scene was very artificially inserted, and I felt the pacing in the movie and the cuts in the scenes felt extremely unnatural. I was unsure what sort of character the main female was supposed to be (nothing about her seemed particularly like “superwoman,” unlike how they presented Sumire).
    After giving up on this movie, I searched around on Google to vent / make sure I wasn’t quitting before the good stuff started, and I’m glad I found your review. It helped save me 100 minutes that could have been wasted on a terrible movie. 🙂

    1. I had high hopes too, when the casting was announced – JGS has done some good work, but he is an uninspiring Momo here. I can’t remember where, but I read a review of the film that described it as an ‘advert by the JGS corporation’, which I have to agree with! They seemed more focused on putting JGS at the forefront of the film than getting the essence of what Kimi wa Petto is really about across. There is a scene, where he pulls out his guitar in the middle of a ballet rehearsal and starts singing, the other dancers all assembling around him in admiration. It is SO random and irrelevant, and only says, ‘JGS is a singer!’
      Of course, a film is always going to be different than a drama because it has limitations and different demands, but I think a good film could have been possible: it just that these filmmakers had no understanding of what makes Kimi wa Petto such a heartwarming story (yet with a sexy touch), and no understanding of good filmmaking in general. I think this was the director’s first film – a pity, the project should have been done by someone more experienced than that!
      But I’m glad I helped you avoid wasting 100 minutes! There are too many wonderful films out there than to lose time on one like this.

  2. I left this movie after the bath scene, and skip into the very last scene, screaming at the screen: WHA THE HECK!!
    The fatal flaw of the movie is that what you had pointed off, Eun Yi never mastered her pet In Ho, and that’s disappointing! S.O.M.U.C.H.! I mean, screw all the anchor scene&event, but the heart of it is how the pet made his master fallin for him

  3. Korean version was really flat and boring, as if the makers just conveniently put together cutesy scenes without a strong foundation and expect viewers to fall in love with it nonetheless. What a relief that other people also feel same.

    1. I have yet to find someone who actually liked the film… but there seems to be general agreement that it bombed in just about every aspect. (I can’t think of anything that was good about it!)

  4. I know this is really belated but I just happen to stumble upon your blog today. Bravo on the write-up and I have to say I agree with every single word you wrote. It was really brave of the Korean production to use the same title and raise the ire of fans since they basically butchered the original Manga and J-dorama. It was one helluva mess. They basically watered down everything until all that was left were a pile of bland pulp. They turned a mature story/drama into some weird kid’s movie. Damn. I was particularly annoyed at the fact that they nearly eliminated the master-pet/human-animal aspect of the relationship of the two characters when in fact it was the driving force of the original story. I agree with what you said that the relationship and the sexual tension between the two characters were titillatingly juicy and it’s what fans of the original material loved. Also, the fact than Eun-yi wasn’t as kick-ass as Sumire left me befuddled. The “raciest” thing that Eun-yi did was drink coffee with her friends. LOL. Oh, and the annoying musical number in the end was just wrong. Really, really wrong.

    1. Somehow I never responded to your comment, sorry! I see we are all in agreement that this is one hell of a mess of a movie… to the great disappointment of everyone.

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