Review: 노리코, 서울에 가다 (Noriko, Seoul-e Gada/Noriko Goes to Seoul)

6 thoughts on “Review: 노리코, 서울에 가다 (Noriko, Seoul-e Gada/Noriko Goes to Seoul)”

  1. I COMPLETELY AGREE. I fall into the Hong-ki fangirl category, but I did think the same about the film’s quality. The only redeeming action would have been the hug that never happened. Oh well.

    1. See, I don’t fall into the fangirl category… don’t know anything really about Lee Hong-ki or the band he is part of, just enjoyed his character in You’re Beautiful. But the poster releases and teasers for Noriko, Seoul-e Gada were enticing enough to make me want to watch this. Didn’t quite deliver, but that wasn’t the actors’ fault… As for that hug-that-never-happened – it still makes me want to scream.

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