Not Quite Final Thoughts on the Year of 12 Directors

6 thoughts on “Not Quite Final Thoughts on the Year of 12 Directors”

  1. Great round-up, thanks.

    For your viewing pleasure I can lend you M, Il Mare, My Dear Enemy and Failan, of which I would rate My Dear Enemy highest. And from your secondary wishlist I can offer Sunny, Hindsight and Song Il-gon’s Magicians (and you can get Spider Forest (recommended) for R2 on I assume you already have access to Single Spark but I can oblige with that if not.

    My own favourite month was E J-Yong – which was also the only group interview I went to – even though I had already seen three of the four films. Song Il-gon was a very close second if I blank out the huge disappointment generated by the commercial and formulaic melodrama that was Always / Only You. I also appreciated Lee Yoon-ki’s Love Talk much more than I was expecting. This Charming Girl is near the top of my watch-list as I’ve never managed to track down a DVD of it and didn’t manage to get to the KCC screening – though I suspect I might find it too slow.

    And based on your article, I’ll certainly be trying to seek out The Blue in You, though I didn’t rate Il Mare too highly.

    Thanks for your all your hard work doing the introductory articles which I found really helpful. And for next year, I heard rumours that it’s Moon So-ri, Jeon Do-yeon, Choi Min-sik and a popular younger generation actor called Ha whose full name I can’t remember though I’m told I’ve seen him in many films.

    1. Hi Philip! You are probably the only one who read through the entire post 🙂

      I would love to borrow anything you’ve got, but I can only watch Region 2 (or All Region/Region Free) DVDs on my computer (I’m going to bet that will rule out several of your offerings). I haven’t actually checked yet where to get hold of what, except for Magicians which I think is in the SOAS library.

      I’m sure Paul will lend you his This Charming Girl DVD (I finally returned it to him). You may find it slow, I don’t know.

      I can’t think of any younger generation actor with Ha in the name (except for Ha Ji-won, but she’s female). I can’t wait to hear who is in the line-up!

      1. Yeppers. I was the second to book a seat!

        Want to know the programme for all of the Moon So-ri films to be screened, so I can do a series on the actors as I did with the directors!

      2. I wouldn’t quite say that (so many more wrong things in the world).

        I think pretty good chance we’ll get Oasis at least, since it’s easily available (can’t remember whether Third Window Films or Terracotta have it as part of their catalogue).

        Haven’t seen Forever the Moment myself either, but it screened so recently that I doubt it will be part of the line-up.

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