LFF Review:《致我们终将逝去的青春》(Zhì wǒmen zhōng jiāng shìqù de qīngchūn/To Our Youth That Is Fading Away aka So Young)

13 thoughts on “LFF Review:《致我们终将逝去的青春》(Zhì wǒmen zhōng jiāng shìqù de qīngchūn/To Our Youth That Is Fading Away aka So Young)”

    1. Thanks Heisui dear!
      I got my computer back today, so I will try to get back to posting them! You saying that gives me extra motivation 🙂
      Good luck with your studying/exams btw.

  1. Thank you for this lovely eloquent review on a movie that is opposite of that. *sigh* It has none of the emotional impact just plain words in the novel evoked in me at all.
    And to know that ZW and the cast and script was nominated for numerous awards and won some…made me lost my mind a little.

    1. Thanks!
      I keep wondering if it’s me, because there are all these rather positive reviews (from people I normally agree with) but this film, the more I think about it, the more cynical I get about it.
      I would like to read the book, to see how/why the film adaptation fails so bad.
      My other worry is that they are going to interpret their financial success and awards as ‘let’s make more of this pretty-but-empty stuff’.

      1. This movie is not the worst offense. That goes to Tiny Times 12335546454763. did even more spectacularly at the box office on thinner more aggravatingly void material.
        Do read the book, I actually thought it can’t fail this bad, but it did. tbvh, I do not think it’s industry secret the backers do pay reviewers with some teeth to put in a nicer review…it is common practice in CN movieland at least and it works wonders. They call it good PR and it ALWAYS pays off.
        The scriptwriter rubbed me soooo wrong at the Golden Horse recently when he got the best adapt award (argh) but still felt the need to vent ZW not getting the ‘recognition’ for her grand work. I honestly see no vision nor talent from her.

      2. Didn’t see Tiny Times and won’t touch it with a 10-food pole I think!
        Well, I doubt the reviews I linked were paid for, they were mostly from non-Asia based blogging sites, not Chinese critics. I can vouch for Eastern Kicks at least, as I know the writer personally and we saw the film at the same festival. But I think he was being kind…
        I confess I didn’t like Zhao Wei’s Q&A session much at all, she was joking around and pretending to be humble, but it felt rather… ummm… fake to me. (She was trying to be funny, saying things like “In China I’m reallllly famous and this room would be full of people*, but here in the UK nobody knows me.”)
        *I think the screening I attended was 1/2 to 2/3 full?

    2. I’ve just read that Vicky Zhao won “Best Director” with this film over Wong Kar Wai & “The Grandmaster” at the China’s Popular Film Awards.

        1. If there was nothing else to choose from, it would be one thing, but there’s no way that her directing was better than that for The Grandmaster.
          I don’t pay attention to kdrama awards at all, since they have just about nothing to do with acting quality. Kim Soo Hyun for Daesang award for You from the Stars when the draw of that dramas was… Jeon Ji-hyun.
          *rolls eyes*

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