K-Directors: Park Kwang-su (박광수) Month at the KCCUK in March

2 thoughts on “K-Directors: Park Kwang-su (박광수) Month at the KCCUK in March”

  1. If you intend going on 15 March, make sure you take either a pillow so that you can fall asleep comfortably, or a decent supply of Red Bull to keep you awake. It’s dire. Mr Quinn over at Hangul Celluloid explains why, and I heartily agree. http://www.hangulcelluloid.com/uprising.html
    Uprising is interesting for its dramatisation of a pivotal moment in South Korea’s labour movement. But I’m most looking forward, in a masochistic kind of way, to Chilsu and Mansu. Meet Mr Daddy, judging by the trailer they showed before Actresses last week, looks surprisingly mainstream.

    1. Ah! See, I knew I remembered hearing some critical voices about The Uprising somewhere recently!
      I agree, Meet Mr Daddy does look rather mainstream, and I’m guessing it falls outside of the classification of “Korean New Wave”.

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