Photologia: A Year of Dailies

6 thoughts on “Photologia: A Year of Dailies”

    1. Thanks. In some ways, yes, but there’s a lot of the technical side that I need years and years more to learn. And some types of photography that I have never done – e.g. studio (which I would like to try one day).

      I do trust my sense of colour and composition though.

  1. Beautiful photos! I really like the composition in a number of them, though my favourite is probably the cat street photo since I adore cats 🙂 The starkness of that snow pic in Austria is also gorgeous.

      1. Yes, I saw that cat cafe post, love love love! The cats in the photos are just gorgeous. And is that you in the first photo?? I love the idea of a cafe with cats, better still if there are books and people can sit and read, and the cats can come mosey about when they want. Lady Dinah’s sounds like a really nice place that I’d want to visit for sure.

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