Photologia: Brick Lane Sundays

7 thoughts on “Photologia: Brick Lane Sundays”

  1. I like the black & white but sometimes I wish I could see it in color too! Actually my favorite pic is the first one (not just because it’s in color) because it is the most eye catching to me. 😀

    1. I find the most pictures work better one way or the other. Colour can be distracting sometimes, other times, the picture is all about colour. From the b&w ones above, the only one where I was indecisive is the guy peddling his paper jewelry, which works in colour too (and arguably better). When I get my computer back, I’ll post the colour version of that one for you. 🙂
      Yeah, the first one is my favourite too. The rest works as a series, but the first one can stand alone.

      1. I guess black and white ones can have more ‘balance’ if that makes sense. Some photos look so captivating in black & white. *W* But yeah I am also curious about how the colors look hehe.

      2. I used to do mostly b&w because I just feel b&w and colour are such different things and require different kind of skills. And that I just had not much sense of taking good colour photos… but with the DSLR many more pictures end up in colour than I thought.

      1. Hehe…I just watched episode 8 TODAY. Got busy last week. >__< Now I am attempting to write about it but I'm not sure if I will be able to finish my post today.

      2. No pressure or rush, take the time you need… it’s just that I have no where else to moan about PoH.
        Have tried In a Good Way yet?

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