Review:「長州ファイブ」(Chōshū faibu/Chosyu Five)

4 thoughts on “Review:「長州ファイブ」(Chōshū faibu/Chosyu Five)”

  1. Ooo I really like the ‘bonus bits’ part at the end. Lots of interesting facts! *W* And I agree with you, I love Matsuda Ryuhei’s voice!!

    1. I’m glad you are saying that, sometimes I think I’m just rambling with the bonus bits (especially with this post, having got excessively many)…
      Ryuhei’s voice is striking! I never especially noticed Shota’s voice, but there’s something about Ryuhuei’s for sure.
      I’m debating now whether I shouldn’t do a Matsuda Ryuhei season… I’ll have to look into which of his films I can get hold of. I’m particularly keen about some of his older stuff (Blue Spring), which I’m guessing won’t be all that easy to find.

  2. Where did you watch this movie? Did you bought the dvd? I’ve been searching for this movie online but I can’t find it everywhere 🙁

    1. I watched it at a screening at the Japanese Embassy in London – they had two screenings in the UK (one at the Embassy and one at University College London, where part of the film is set) for the 150th anniversary of the Chosyu Five.
      While this means that a subtitled version of the film does exist, I have never seen it anywhere. All I have ever come across are unsubtitled versions.. If you look under “Bonus Bits” I have linked the online shops that sell the Japanese version of the film. But, alas, nothing with subtitles! 🙁

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