Review: 「ぐるりのこと。」(Gururi no Koto/All Around Us)

2 thoughts on “Review: 「ぐるりのこと。」(Gururi no Koto/All Around Us)”

  1. I agree that the court scene can be too long, yet the cases before the court reminds us(Japanse) what kind of ages we have experienced and what Japanese society looked like at that time. Most of cases the director picked up were famous for its uniqueness at the time. I can clearly remember how much I was shocked by these events when I saw news on TV. So I think he succeeded to illustrate the typical abnormality(or normality) of the Japanse modern society in parallel with an ordinary but much more struggling individual life.

    1. I only learned about the court cases being famous ones when researching this film after having seen it. I’m sure you experience of it must have been quite different since you were able to instantly relate to what was going on.
      Despite the court cases feeling drawn out (and the over length of the film), I still loved ぐるりのこと!

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