Review: 화차 (Hwacha/Helpless)

2 thoughts on “Review: 화차 (Hwacha/Helpless)”

  1. Sorry I missed it. It was an interesting collection of K-film last year. I didn’t really enjoy Nameless Gangster (I thought it went on too long), Another Country (A load of non-English-speakers trying to convince an audience they can speak English never makes for good cinema) and Doomsday Book (the Kim Ji-woon segment particularly poor) were also disappointing. The star for me was A Fish. But I might just seek out Helpless on DVD based on this review.
    Thanks for your dedication in writing it up. I always find writing reviews so long after the event both painful and difficult!

    1. I usually jot down notes pretty soon after I’ve watched a film – and I started this review a loooong time ago and had it 2/3 done several months ago. But it is a bit difficult writing something up long after you’ve seen it – this certainly isn’t the best-written review, and the fact that I left it for so long has a lot to do with that.
      A Fish was my favourite as well, and I enjoyed Romance Joe a lot too, but in both these cases (particularly with A Fish), I would want to rewatch the films before reviewing them. I hope I’ll get my hands on the DVDs, because both deserve to reviewed!
      I did not watch those that you saw, too bad they were a disappointment.

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