Review: 형사 (Hyeongsa/Duelist)

3 thoughts on “Review: 형사 (Hyeongsa/Duelist)”

  1. I’ve skimmed over this and looks good, even the pics you’ve selected. My interview with Lee Myung-se will be up soon also – as well as a few of his films (essentially the ones recently shown at the KCC). Best… J

    1. I will link your interview once you put it up.
      I overloaded on pictures this time, but I did very much want to give an impression of the visual, since the camera is hugely important in Hyeongsa. I know it’s a terribly long review too (and took forever to write), but with some films I just can’t help it.

  2. Idiosyncratic is such an excellent word for this film. Much like Marie Antoinette you just have to allow yourself to be absorbed into the world. I also totally agree with your paragraph before the verdict. China makes such pretty epics but they begin to feel anonymous and I have no desire to watch them whereas this one has life to it. It also has Ha Ji-won.

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