Review: 《饮食男女2》 (Yǐnshí nánnǚ2/Joyful Reunion)

5 thoughts on “Review: 《饮食男女2》 (Yǐnshí nánnǚ2/Joyful Reunion)”

  1. Thanks @alua for this review. I’ve read or come across of the Movie Title “Eat Drink Man Woman” before but have not seen it until yesterday after reading your review of the above supposed sequel. I loved this Ang Lee’s original movie! Aside from yummy food-on-display, I loved the family values the movie depicted.
    Thanks again @alua. Because of your reviews, I got to see several fun J-dramas and animes already and now a Taiwanese movie too.
    In exchange, I’d like to share with you an awesome 2012 Australian musical-comedy movie that I just saw yesterday. It is entitled “The Sapphires”. It was “Movie of the Week” in iTunes last week…Perhaps you’ve already seen it too. It is based on a true story of 4 aboriginal women who formed a girl band and ended up singing for the US black troops in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Their singing voices were fantastic and the backdrop story was an eye opener. Wikipedia has description of this movie.
    Thanks again. Until your next review… 🙂

    1. Lee’s movie is definitely worth watching, this “sequel” (really don’t want to call it that) isn’t.
      May have some more Taiwanese movie reviews coming soon 🙂
      I haven’t seen The Sapphires, but the title somehow rings a bell. I think it may have screened at the London Film Festival. *goes to check* Yup, did indeed!

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