Review:「風立ちぬ」(Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises)

6 thoughts on “Review:「風立ちぬ」(Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises)”

      1. Ha ha, I don’t know. Maybe because the main character’s dream and passion and his determination give me strength. I love when it is little dark like that. More close to reality. If everything is so bright, I will less be impressed.

      2. I confess there were parts, towards the end, where I cried. The first time I watched – don’t remember being teary the second time round, but maybe because I knew better what was coming (even though I knew even the first time watching what was coming towards the end).

  1. Great review. Overall I’m not sure how I’ll respond to this because it is very challenging and doesn’t have the whimsy and fantastical elements I usually love. I would have to be in the mood to see this. As you said to me a month ago, this will be playing at Chapter Arts so I’ll drop in to see it when I’m prepared.

    1. I actually don’t think it’s the best review I’ve written (particularly the ending paragraphs), but I just wanted it out and done with, with the film being in cinemas now. (Shamefully, I’m still sitting on my Yonosuke review.)
      There is some fantastical – there are dream sequences which segue into realistic scenes, it’s just that the basis of the film is real people and real events. I do think it is Ghibli production that is worth seeing on the big screen (all the flying and soaring!), so I would recommend you see it in Chapter Arts.
      I also rather liked all the allusions, I was getting a “Zauberberg” vibe before it was mentioned. (Though I have not read that novel of Mann’s either. Just heard enough about it. Still sitting on my bookshelf at home.)

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