Review:「黒い四角」(Kuroi shikaku/The Black Square)

5 thoughts on “Review:「黒い四角」(Kuroi shikaku/The Black Square)”

    1. Only took me forever to post it, and I still think it’s a half-baked review – but I decided to let it go, as there are too few reviews of this film out there as it is.
      Unfortunately, it may be quite hard to get hold of this film – it’s quite obscure, the sort that never gets an official release and not the sort of thing that people will put online either. Still, if you ever stumble across it, give it try!

  1. Interesting film judging by your review. With recent events between China and Japan, the way it touches on Japan’s imperialist history is important and interesting. I’ve seen quite a few films do this – Ku_On, Female Prisoner Scorpion Jailhouse 41 – to varying degrees but never know how an audience in Japan reacts.
    Does it benefit from being on the big screen? That first screenshot is pretty distinctive.

    1. It’s fairly light and, hmmm, unique touch on history…. it’s not a history/war film after all, but a rather surreal one.
      Didn’t see it on the big screen myself. I don’t think the cinematography is as such that you’d really need to see on the big screen though.

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