Review: 무적자 (Moojeokja/A Better Tomorrow)

3 thoughts on “Review: 무적자 (Moojeokja/A Better Tomorrow)”

  1. I take my hat off to you for managing to stick it out till the end, and even more so for devoting the time to write about it. Sheer dedication.

    For me, if a film’s a waste of time to watch, I usually won’t waste time reviewing it!

    1. Well, it’s actually a fairly short review (for me) and I didn’t spend hours and hours and hours on it like I do with films I really like. Since I’m pretty selective with what I watch, actually many of the films I review are films I enjoyed (you did stats, you’ll see that nearly my reviews score between 7 and 9.5/10), so I do think I have to occasionally throw in a more negative review.

      I’ve still got a review for The Uprising planned too, and because I saw it months ago I’ll even have to rewatch it before reviewing (I can hear you groan already 😉 ). But I’m going to take it as an exercise in figuring out why the film doesn’t work – which is actually something that can be challenging to pinpoint.

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