Review: 「ライアーゲーム -再生-」 (Raia Gemu – Saisei /Liar Game – Reborn)

2 thoughts on “Review: 「ライアーゲーム -再生-」 (Raia Gemu – Saisei /Liar Game – Reborn)”

  1. I remember doing a trailer post with this in. It seemed interesting at the time but I can see how a plot burdened with constant double-crossing would become a problem and how a television series would suit something of this nature.

    1. You did – your trailer post came up when I googled for reviews. I think it is generally interesting and on forums for the manga (and the dorama), people seem to love it. For the films, people seem to miss Toda Erika (although I think Tabe is alright). I also imagine if you really get into the series – manga and dorama – you might appreciate the film more (you know, how levels of addiction go and you want more something, in whichever form), but I watched it without any previous exposure for a film of its own.

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