Review: 「体温」(Taion/Body Temperature)

6 thoughts on “Review: 「体温」(Taion/Body Temperature)”

  1. I think the narrative blandness was deliberate. As the Twitch review points out, if you go into this film without knowing that Ibuki is actually a doll, the shock revelation and our understanding of Rintaro’s isolation and misguided fantasies has more of an impact. That written, other things like the nobody makes fun of a guy wheeling a sex doll around still don’t quite add up.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure the narrative blandness was deliberate… but I just don’t think it works. The film doesn’t dig deep enough to make it work.
      I think everyone goes into this film knowing that Ibuki is a doll though….

    1. You could also try Koreeda Hirokazu’s Air Doll, which has a similar subject matter. I haven’t watched it yet, but Koreeda is definitely the stronger film maker (from everything that I have seen by him and his general standing). Although some consider Air Doll an unusual entry in his filmography (thematically?), I’ve also heard people who watch both that film and Body Temperature that the former is the better one…
      I’ll have to watch it myself before I can make my own, final judgment.

    1. I’m not sure how easy it is to get hold off – not sure it has been released on DVD at all. (I watched a screener provided by a festival where it showed in the past.)
      I hope you’ll be able to find it somewhere though!

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