Review:「ゼロの焦点」(Zero no Shōten/Zero Focus) and Q&A

4 thoughts on “Review:「ゼロの焦点」(Zero no Shōten/Zero Focus) and Q&A”

  1. Great review (you wrote it quick as well!) which sums up the movie pretty well. I think my feelings towards it run along a similar path to yours. While the story seemed to lack details in places the period details are fantastic and the story moves along at a great pace. I’ll need to start writing my reviews!

    Oh, and Sugimoto Tetta plays the brother not the colleague distancing the company from a potential scandal.

    1. It was a surprisingly easy review to write. With most, I have so many ideas that I struggle to get into some sort of order and it can take me weeks or months, but this one needed rather little time/work.

      Right about the brother-in-law… do you know who plays the other colleague though?

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