Review: 순정만화 (Sunjeong Manhwa/Hello Schoolgirl)

4 thoughts on “Review: 순정만화 (Sunjeong Manhwa/Hello Schoolgirl)”

  1. wow, now I really want to see this movie!
    I love this kind of story, just going with the flow without any big villain to fight or whatever…Thanks for the review ^^
    I even want to read the webcomic, but I don’t think it’s translated in english (?).

    1. I don’t think that it has been translated… the Korean original was all that I could find (with my still limited knowledge of the language). Wishing there were an English version as well, especially since the film was so good!

  2. I absolutely LOVED this movie!
    It was so natural and realistic that it really did stay in my mind for a while – still is
    I’ve been looking for the web comic everywhere!!
    Is it possible for you to send the link of it to me?
    I’d love to be able to read/see the manga version of it!!
    Thanks Alooot! <3

    1. Hi Sara! I am afraid I don’t have a link for the webcomic, other than the Korean link I provided already. I haven’t been able to find an English translation of the manwha, I would love to read it myself but I’m not sure if it exists at all.
      …yet another incentive to learn Korean. 🙂

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