2018 BIFF Review: 밤빛(night light, South Korea, 2018)

Year: 2018
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Director: Kim Mooyoung
Screenplay: Kim Mooyoung
Cinematography: Kim Boram
Cast: Song Jae-Ryong, Ji Daehan, Jung Ahmi, Kangyong-Gu
Runtime: 110 min
Trailer: N/a

Seen at the 2018 Busan International Film Festival, which I had the fortune to attend with a filmmaker’s festival pass. Belately, I will be posting reviews of some the twenty-something films I watched.

Kim Mooyong’s night light is a wondrous and contemplative film in which Hee-tae (Song Jae-Ryong), a terminally ill and long-divorced man, meets his pre-teen son Min-sang for the first time as the boy comes to spend a few days with his father somewhere in the countryside. However, it is not just the ‘countryside’ as Hee-tae literally lives in a hut in the mountains, with no electricity, phone signal (unless you make an arduous climb to another mountain’s peak) or any other modern day conveniences. Continue reading “2018 BIFF Review: 밤빛(night light, South Korea, 2018)”