Review: 보트 / ノーボーイズ、ノークライ(Bo-teu/Boat aka No Boys, No Cry)

Year: 2009
Country: Korea/Japan
Korean title: 보트 (Boat)
Japanese title: ノーボーイズ、ノークライ (No Boys, No Cry)
Languages: Korean, Japanese and some English
Director: Kim Young-nam (김영남)
Screenplay: Watanabe Aya (渡邊あや)
Cinematography: Tsutai Takahiro
Soundtrack: Sunihara Yoshinori
Cast: Ha Jung-woo, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Cha Soo-yeon, Kanjiya Shirohi, Tokunaga Eri, Emoto Tasuku, Lee Dae-yeon
Runtime: 115 minutes
Trailer: Japanese and Korean trailers at asianmediawiki (not subtitled)
Film’s official website: No Boys, No Cry
Waves crashing. The gentle sounds of a harbour. Cries of sea gulls in the distance. A young man, stretched out on a small boat in the middle of the day. Waves again. Mobile phones whirring. The man stirs, barely. The bright sun burns down on him. He blinks, glimpses up into a vast, cotton-cloud sky. A balloon floats by. He turns over to his side, lazing about. More sounds of waves.
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Review: 노리코, 서울에 가다 (Noriko, Seoul-e Gada/Noriko Goes to Seoul)

Year: 2011
Country: Korea
Languages: Korean and Japanese
Director: Lee Gyo-Wook
Screenplay: Seo Jung-Min, Ahn Joo-Young
Cast: Takashima Reiko, Lee Hong-Ki, Ikura Manami
Runtime: 91 min
Trailer: on YouTube (not subtitled, teaser trailer)
Film’s official website: on KBS (in Korean)
As a KBS2 drama special of average quality, Noriko, Seoul-e Gada is sufficiently entertaining for a lazy Friday evening in, but, unlike the recently reviewed Heaven’s Postman, which at least could lay claim on wonderful cinematography, does not stand out in any particular way. Continue reading “Review: 노리코, 서울에 가다 (Noriko, Seoul-e Gada/Noriko Goes to Seoul)”

Review: ミツバチの羽音と地球の回転 (Mitsu-bachi no Haoto to Chikyū no Kaiten/Ashes to Honey)

Year: 2010
Languages: Japanese, English, Swedish
Director: Kamanaka Hitomi
Genre: Documentary 
Runtime: 115 min
Trailer: Ashes to Honey (subtitled)
Official website:  Ashes to Honey (both in Japanese and English)

Seen at a screening as part of the Zipangu Fest at the ICA.
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