Review: 순정만화 (Sunjeong Manhwa/Hello Schoolgirl)

Year: 2008
Director: Ryoo Jang-ha
Screenplay: Ryoo Jang-ha, Lee Taek-kyeong, Kang Kyoo-heon, Yoon Taek-Geun, Jeon Hyun-hee
Cast: 이연희 (Lee Yeon-hee); 유지태 (Yoo Ji-tae); 강인 (Kang-in); 채정안 (Chae Jung-an)
Trailer: Hello Schoolgirl (no subtitles)
Based on the webcomic 순정만화 (Suneong Manwha / Love Story or Crush on You in English) by 강풀 (Kang Pool), Hello Schoolgirl is an endearing film about four individuals – schoolgirl Soo-young, social office worker Yeon-Woo, public duty servant Kang Sook fulfilling his military service and slightly older woman Jeong Da-jeong – whose paths intersect and who fall in love despite their circumstances. Continue reading “Review: 순정만화 (Sunjeong Manhwa/Hello Schoolgirl)”