Review: 왕의 남자 (Wangeui Namja/The King and the Clown)

Year: 2005
South Korea
Language: Korean
Director: Lee Jun-ik
Screenplay: Choi Seok-hwan
Adapted from a play by: Kim Tae-wung
Cinematography: Ji Gil-Wung
Soundscore: Lee Byung-woo
Cast: Gam Wu-seong, Lee Jun Ki, Jeong Jin-yeong, Kang Seong Yeon
Runtime: 119 min
Trailer: on YouTube

Seen at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCCUK) during the Lee Jun-ik (이준익) month of KCCUK’s Korean Film Night programme “2012: Year of the 12 Directors”. The review is about the extended version of the film, not the theatrical release.
It’s the final lines of Wangeui Namja that best sum up the film: All the world’s a stage. Date-wise the Shakespearean quote is a little misplaced, given that the setting of Wangeui Namja is the early 16th century Joseon, but As You Like It, where it is taken from, was written around 1599 or 1600. That said, the metaphor very likely preceded the Bard of Avon, if not in exact words than at least in its conceptual form. Continue reading “Review: 왕의 남자 (Wangeui Namja/The King and the Clown)”

K-Directors: Jeon Kye-soo (전계수) Month at the KCCUK in May

With May nearly upon us, it’s time for an introduction of Jeon Kye-soo (전계수), the KCCUK’s K-director of the month.
NOTE: This post has been updated (10-05-2012) as the one of the films planned for May 10th has been added to the May 24th screening (due to refurbishment of the KCCUK I believe). The screening of A Perfect Day (no further information is available on this film, but I presume it is a short) seems to have been cancelled.
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