Review: Tatsumi

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  1. Ah, how did I miss your blog….
    So its here, your piece on Tatsumi. I confess I”m not usually fond of stories where “there is little hope for individuals as well as for humanity as a whole”, but I do appreciate its existence.
    And what you wrote about how “Animated films equal films for children. Films for children equal sugarcoated” is so disheartening. But true.
    And it makes me remember of very old times, where children were told cruel and frightening stories called “tales”, but weren’t too traumatized. Well, that was before Disney made cotton-candy out of it.
    I didn’t know about the Nausicaä fiasco, but I remember about Michel Ocelot’s “Kirikou”, and how America was “oh-so-shocked” by the fact that the African women represented in it were bare-breasted. Why, yes, it happens folks!
    An other proof that when adults forget their child’s soul, they make very foolish decisions. Moral of the story: don’t underestimate children.

    1. Are you up at random hours too? (I need to go to sleep very badly.)
      I enjoyed this film, but I did catch myself thinking that I probably wouldn’t want to read Tatsumi’s manga. Or read one and then read lots of happy hopeful stuff in between…
      So true about fairy tales in their original form! They used to be cruel stories to teach a lesson and not ‘happy ever after’ tales.
      Not surprised about the US’s outrage. I remember once seeing a newspaper photograph of the Venezuela president, right next to a woman who was breastfeeding very noticeably while he was give some campaign speech. Which is completely normal in Latin America. But imagine that in the US! Totally impossible, you’d probably end up losing the presidency over such a picture…

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