UWC’s First North Korean Student: Kim Han-sol, Grandson of Kim Jong-il

14 thoughts on “UWC’s First North Korean Student: Kim Han-sol, Grandson of Kim Jong-il”

  1. Imagine rubbing shoulders with relatives of royals and dictators… and normals such as yourself 😛

    Things could change in North Korea. It would be interesting to see if his education does play a part in shaping the future of his country. From the BBC report he seems like a decent chap. I’ll have to watch the interview.

    Also, I try for Queen’s English (pinnacle of language) and often fall short. I have no problem with non-British people and their accents – Britain has a variety of strange and impenetrable accents. That said I get irritated when colonial commoners and non-native speakers spell words from our language the wrong way 😉

    1. Well, things could change in NK, although I don’t think KHS is just going to go and change things single-handedly. That would be just unrealistic. Mostly what is hopeful is that he is descended from the family that rules the country, and that his father was intended to rule after Kim Jong-il – but that there was obviously disagreement there and that KHS and his family believe something else than the people currently in power.

      “That said I get irritated when colonial commoners and non-native speakers spell words from our language the wrong way”. I know you are trying to be funny, but I don’t think it’s funny. Sorry, but I get really irritated by the arrogance that some English speakers display, and then you say something like “verb” or “preposition” and they don’t have the faintest clue what you are talking about because they have never studied the grammar of their own language, let alone studied any other language. I know you don’t fit into that category because of obviously you have been learning Japanese quite seriously for a while.

      1. Prepo-what? o_O You’re using big words again.

        I can see that my wayward humour has touched a nerve and I can only apologise. I enjoy hearing most accents speaking English (although some regional accents in Britain irritate me) and the fact that so many people speak it is a good thing.

        You’re not alone in lamenting the fact that Briton’s don’t speak other languages. During a recent meeting, when my Japanese speaking skills came up there was a lot of praise and talk about how British people really should learn other languages and not take the arrogant view that people will speak English.

      2. Big words?

        Let’s talk about subjunctive, cases (nominative, genetive, dative and accusative, though we can thrown in vocative and ablative too since I studied Latin for four years!) and articles (male, female and neutral) too. Or how about Plusquamperfektum. Ha, tenses are fun…

        I’m not just rolling my eyes at Britons, but at anyone who can’t be bothered to at least try and learn even a single other language. When I lived in Costa Rica, 85% of the Gringo teachers at my school hung out together and lived in the same neighbourhood. Me? I lived in a completely different town (45 min away) and except for the Chinos at the corner shop was the only foreigner in the neighbourhood. I mean, I don’t see the point of moving nearly 10,000 km across the world if I’m not going to be living with Costa Ricans and speaking Spanish….

    1. I think in English it’s actually called pluperfect or past perfect (that’s less scary, ehh?)… but in Austria (and Germany too) you can still see the influence of a Latin (and previously also Ancient Greek) based education so we have Latin words for a lot of grammatical terms (on top of the German words). You still can’t study medicine or law without having taken a certain number of years of Latin prior to enrolling.

    1. I do that right after class. I go infiltrate SOAS for a few hours, and do my vocab flashcards (digital of course) and things of the sort before going home at 9 or 10!

      1. I have a flash card app on my computer. To practice writing, I just scribble anywhere. Need to check out your resources some time – too busy right now. I really don’t know when the next film review is happening, I just don’t have time for anything at the moment.

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