Review: 바라나시 (Varanasi/From Seoul to Varanasi) and Q&A

5 thoughts on “Review: 바라나시 (Varanasi/From Seoul to Varanasi) and Q&A”

    1. Your comment somehow ended up in the junk folder! Not sure why… Good thing I empty it manually.

      There are plenty of other Korean films to watch, some that are amazingly wonderful – you can see all the ones I’ve reviewed listed here.

  1. There’s a lot of mileage in the examination of hypocrisy but this sounds like a complete mess. It sounds like the problems lie with the script and it would not have mattered if the actors were better.

    1. To be fair, the Korean actors and their script (judging on the basis of subtitles) were fine, the English parts were terrible – and since Jeon so strongly emphasised in the Q&A that he stops any scene/acting that doesn’t seem natural, it was even more perplexing! It may have been an issue of doing parts of the script in another language (i.e. one not native to him).

      I just wish the film would have given me something to care about, whether inspired by hatred or sympathy for the characters or the situations, but things just didn’t add up. :-/ And I know some of the London K-bloggers thought the same as me, feeling that same “Why should I care about this?”.

      1. “Why should I care about this?” – That’s exactly my reaction to slow cinema. Stick body-horror, a gun fight or a ghost in some of these stories and then it makes more sense 😉

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