Review:「夢と狂気の王国」(Yume to Kyoki no Okoku/Kingdom of Dreams and Madness)

ghibli docu

Year: 2013
Language: Japanese
Director: Sunada Mami
Screenplay: Sunada Mami
Cinematography: Sunada Mami
Soundscore: Takagi Masakatsu
Cast: Miyazaki Hayao, Suzuki Toshio, Hideaki Anno
Runtime: 118 min
Distribution: GKIDS (North America), StudioCanal (UK)
Film’s official website: N/a


This piece was originally written as a guest review for easternKicks. It comes as part of easternKicks’s coverage of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, with SDAFF providing access to an online screener (thank you!). In the UK, the documentary will be available on DVD from StudioCanal on December 1, 2014. In the US, it will be released by GKIDS in select cinemas on November 28, 2014 and available for digital download on December 9, 2014.

Given that it has been nearly thirty years since Studio Ghibli, Japan’s probably most famous and, internationally speaking, most successful animation studio, was founded in June 1985, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that there has to date been no feature-length documentary on it. Continue reading “Review:「夢と狂気の王国」(Yume to Kyoki no Okoku/Kingdom of Dreams and Madness)”

Review:「震动」(Shindo/Shindo – The Beat Knocks Her World)

shindo 7
Year: 2012
Language: Japanese, Japanese sign language
Director: Hirano Asami
Screenplay: N/a
Cinematography: N/a
Soundscore: Mogi Yusuke
Cast: Kawagoishi Sunpei, Kita Kana, Matsunaga Takyua, Kyutaro, Ogawa Gen, Kaneko Yuji, Kondo Maya
Runtime: 74 min
Distribution: N/a
Film’s official website: N/a

Special thanks to Raindance, which provided me with a preview screener of this film. Shindo will be showing at the 21st Raindance Film Festival on October 4.
When Nao closes her eyes, the world is dark and silent, as if being dead. When she opens them, it’s not so different as, being deaf, there is still no sound. There is, however, Haruki, a teenage boy, who has lived in the same care home as Nao for more than a decade. Continue reading “Review:「震动」(Shindo/Shindo – The Beat Knocks Her World)”